life update

So much for writing about the election this year. I just moved to Tampa to join Hillary Clinton and the Florida Democrats, I’ll be working on the data and analytics team for the duration of the election. Volunteering as a fellow during the California primary for HRC will always be a highlight of my life, and I’m really thankful for all the great people I met.

But now the hardest part comes next. I’ll be working with some really smart people on all sorts of various projects, my primarily focus will be aiding the organizers and ground game to maximize their impact here in Florida. I’m excited to use my growing data skills on the largest (and according to recent polls, the most contested) battleground state with some amazingly gifted people.Posting R code and graphs will have to wait for a while. Wish me luck, I’m excited to learn all and do all the things.

When times get hard, and they will, I have to remind myself of why I started all this. One of my first posts here a year ago was a little short story joke I wrote about the Don, but it’s no longer funny. I take my politics very seriously, and I’m eager to do whatever it takes to put Hillary into office. This isn’t the post where I tell you why I support her (maybe a later time), but I’ll briefly say that I am proud to stand with my fellow Democrats behind such a qualified candidate.

My boss gave me a survey to complete before I arrived, it’s a list of questions about my professional identity and personality. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life, and it was refreshing to rethink some of my goals about what I want out of this campaign for myself. It’s really important to put my pride and ego aside and concentrate on my daily tasks, but I get that I’m supposed to grow as a person. I’ll list some of them here now to remind myself.

Professional goals: Master the VAN/Votebuilder, better understand the landscape of Democratic Party data infrastructure, learn how to do more data science things like random forest algorithms, practice SQL/Tableau, absorb all of Daniel Kreiss’s new book

Personal goals: Eat healthy, practice self-care, send postcards home, call mom/dad more, memorize the Hamilton soundtrack

Unlikely goals: Post more updates on Snapchat/Instagram, 2K MMR on DOTA, try more EDM music, sleep, date hahahahahaha okay let’s just stop here.

There’s so much left to learn, I am so eager for this challenge. I won’t come home til the job is finished, and I hope to be a better version of myself by then. I hope this election will change me for the better, and I look forward to the grind. See you in November!