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Welcome to my personal web site! I’m Timothy (or just Tim) Phan.

I’m ccurrently a political activist and organizer based in Los Angeles and Orange County. Formerly a data analyst for the HFA campaign, I now spend my days plotting with my friends on how to fight systematic and racial injustice while taking back the Congress in 2018. You can find me at the karaoke bars failing at 80’s rock ballads :D

I built this website to archive and document my journey into community organizing. While actions will always speak louder than words, there might be a few occassions in which I would like to publicize my thoughts on various topics dear to me. Alternatively, I also enjoy snark-tweeting about Game of Thrones memes if you’re into that as well.

Feel free to reach out if you’ve got any questions! I’m here to be of assistance to anyone who’s interested in progressive politics, getting involved with (and changing) Democratic Party stuff in Southern California, and grassroots activism in my Asian-American community.

Thanks for stopping by!


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