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welcome to timthoughts.

this is the personal website, blog, and digital platform of Tim Phan. I’m a data analyst, activist, political junkie based in Los Angeles / Orange County.

You’ll see me volunteering with progressive / Asian-American orgs in Southern California, and I’m also involved in several California Democratic Party clubs as well.

Still building out my site, check back soon!

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May 31, 2017

Switched to Hugo!

Switched to Hugo because people at #runconf17 were talking about it. LOL I liked my previous platform on Jekyll + Github Pages, but I wasn’t really posting much on it anyways. I really like using the RStudio tools, consider this a shoutout to my R community. Thanks to Yihue Xie and Amber Thomas for the blogdown package, (and also for Amber’s helpful tutorial), and Vicky Laiio for the Hugo theme.


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